Auction FAQs

How do I go about scheduling an auction?

To schedule an auction give us a call and we will come out to look at your real estate or personal items. Then we will discuss the auction process, terms, and fees.

Would we be better off with a live or online auction?

We will look at what you must sell to determine if a live or online auction will best serve you.

Do you offer online only auctions?

Yes, we offer auctions online through Proxibid.

How do we go about auctioning off a parcel of real estate?

To auction a parcel of real estate, survey is always one of the first steps. Secondly, we need to know who all the owners are and who is on the title.

How soon do we start advertising?

We start advertising as soon as we schedule the date of the auction (the sooner the better)!

Where do you advertise?

We advertise on the internet, newspaper, radio, auction flyers, and our mailing list.

How do we go about selling items at Blocks Auction Center?

To sell items at Blocks Auction Center, contact one of the auctioneers and send pictures of some of your items.