Larry H.

New London MN

"The Ziemer/Hilbrands auction team conducted an online auction for me in 2018 and I was very pleased on the outcome. They took care of everything from start to finish, would highly recommend them."

Carthel Z.

Akron, OH

"I'm at the age I just couldn't use my airboat anymore so I gave Terry Hilbrands a call and told him to sell it. Terry put it on an auction and it sold for more than I was hoping for, the extra money is always a good surprise. Thanks to Ziemer/Hilbrands for the good job."

Pam C.

Lakeport, FL

"My husband passed away in 2018 and had no idea on how to sell our stuff so I called Ziemer/Hilbrands auctions and glad I did. Wow they took care of everything and were always available when I needed them. Thank you so much."

John N.

DeGraff, MN

"I sold 240 acres of farmland in the spring of 2019. I called Mark Ziemer and he went right to work on it. The land sold at auction and they took care of everything right to the day we closed. Thank you! Give them a call."

Mike H.

Raymond, MN

"Ziemer/Hilbrands Auctions held my retirement farm auction this past summer 2019. They did a live and online auction, I was very happy with the auction, hats off to them."